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Hey guys! I'm Chattabox, the official Aussie & Kiwi Ambassador from the Club Penguin team. Welcome to The Chattablog, where I will be sharing loads of fun Club Penguin related stories, as well as a few hints and tips to all my favourite fans… that’s all of you! Join me online every Thursday at 4pm (AEST). Waddle on!

Check out my Bestie Guestie interview with Adam and Naomi from Disney Channel's Hangin' With...


Party on with Chattabox… Puffle Wild!

To celebrate the AMAZINGNESS of the new wild puffles; I held a Puffle Wild themed party - including Puffle Wild furniture and, best of all, wild puffles! Even my Unicorn Hercules joined in (he is SO LAZY - he just sleeps all day!). Thanks for coming Penguin Pals - you rock!


Ahoy there Mateys, Crabs be coming!

Yarrrrrr! The other day I be venturing up the lighthouse and me see's something suspicious coming towards CP Island… CRABS! WITH SWORDS! I advise ye penguins to practice your sword fighting skills… Just incase!



OH EM GEE! Today I finally managed to find myself a Unicorn Puffle! How awesome - I've named him Hercules… Because it’s a great name! Check us out hanging at the beach... Like cool kids!


What I Love About Puffle Wild

1) The new puffles

2) The awesome levels in the game

3) My backyard is packed with puffles



Explore Puffle Wild!

G'day Penguins! The Puffle Wild App is now live for all iOS devices! Discover powerful Puffles in this new match 3 game. AND members can take the puffles they find back into the Club Penguin World - Awesome! So what are you waiting for? Download it NOW!


Officer Chatta

Penguin Pals, check out my super awesome 'Officer Chatta' outfit! I wore it out the other day to spread the word about Cyber Safety! Remember to follow Club Penguin's 3 Cyber Safety rules: be cool, be heard, be safe!



During the Club Penguin Frozen Party I held an awesome party in Elsa's Ice Palace. What happened next was INSANE - we formed #TeamOlaf. Check out the pic, have you ever seen so many Olafs?


Dear Santa… Love Chatta

It’s never to early to start writing that all-important Christmas list. Here’s a sneak peak at mine: 1) new pink bunny rabbit slippers, 2) endless supply of Mint choc chip ice cream, 3) more animal statues for my iggy, 4) a brown puffle to help me with my maths homework anddddd 5) A HUGE HAM SANDWICH


Me and My Snolaf

Do you wanna build a snowman? Or, better still, adopt a snowman puffle!! At this month's Frozen party you can do just that! Check out my brand new snowman puffle; Snolaf… Get it… Olaf… Snowman… Genius Chattabox!