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Chattabox Fashion Frenzies… Glitz and Glamour!

Don't you just love an occasion where you get to dress up like a superstar? Check out how awesome I look in my Hollywood red sparkly dress… I feel like a million dollars! If only I had a million dollars…


Chattabox loves… This Red Telephone Box

Sooo a while ago I was exploring Club Penguin Island and I found this awesome red telephone box! And I thought… How English! I would love to have my own Chatta-phone-box some day! To carry on the theme, I decided to go back to my iggy for tea and scones. High five UK, you rock!


Woah - Who put that cave there?

This morning, whilst taking a leisurely strole around Club Penguin Island and just minding my own business; suddenley... BAM! I noticed a secret cave from the top of the ski hill! Who knows what weird and wonderful secrets it has inside. Now time to form a Chattabox expidition army to check that creepy cave out!