The Chattablog


Chattabox loves... Water Slides!

Holey Moley… how much fun were the water slides on the Music Jam cruise! I must have spent all day sliding around on those crazy things. Now I propose we have water slides in Club Penguin ALL THE TIME! Who agrees?


Frozen Mania Hits CP Island

For the first time in forever… The Frozen Party hits CP Island! This is the most exciting thing to happen since Arendelle was saved from Eternal Winter! Its time to just Let It Go, go build your snowman and decide whether reindeers really are better than people?! Go on penguins... Go Frozen crazy!


Me and My Snolaf

Do you wanna build a snowman? Or, better still, adopt a snowman puffle!! At this month's Frozen party you can do just that! Check out my brand new snowman puffle; Snolaf… Get it… Olaf… Snowman… Genius Chattabox!