The Chattablog


Me and My Snolaf

Do you wanna build a snowman? Or, better still, adopt a snowman puffle!! At this month's Frozen party you can do just that! Check out my brand new snowman puffle; Snolaf… Get it… Olaf… Snowman… Genius Chattabox!


Chatta's 'n'Ice Palace

OH EM GEE! I've just made my very own Ice Palace in celebration of Club Penguin's Frozen Party! Check out how SHINY it is! And have a look at my awesome rocking horse… I've named him Rocky… He Rocks!


Chattabox Fashion Frenzies… Glitz and Glamour!

Don't you just love an occasion where you get to dress up like a superstar? Check out how awesome I look in my Hollywood red sparkly dress… I feel like a million dollars! If only I had a million dollars…