The Chattablog


Hey, this is cool… Secret Squidzoid Costume!

Chattabox here with another secret for all my Club Penguin pals - just in time for the Futures Party! If you click on the big scary black Octopus in this months clothing catalogue, you'll find a secret Squidzoid costume. What are you waiting for? Waddle on!


Chatta Fans meet Hollie

I am very excited to introduce you to my dog puffle Hollie. Hollie is definitely a cheeky puppy. She's always stealing my bunny slippers and hiding them around the iggy. But she is the cutest dog puffle around - and gives the BEST HUGS!


Hey, this is cool… Secret 14k Fish Necklace

Calling all you fish-loving Penguin Pals! There's nothing more that us Club Penguin enthusiasts love more than fish… or is there? Because now… THERE IS A GOLD FISH NECKLACE UP FOR GRABS! KACHOW! Just flick through this months clothing catalogue to find yours.